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(lyrics) 1. King of Memory (MP3)

LYRICS 2. Snapshots from the Sinister Cathedral (MP3)

(lyrics) 3. Too Good Too Soon

(lyrics) 4. Almost Gone

(lyrics) 5. I Was the Dog

(lyrics) 6. Burning Bush

(lyrics) 7. Flip in Style

(lyrics) 8. Strong Silent Type (MP3)

(lyrics) 9. The Universal Skeptical Anthem (MP3/video)

(lyrics) 10. Ruined Man

(lyrics) 11. How's Dr. Ving

Snapshots from the
Sinister Cathedral (Millard)

Charlie the Lion seems restless
Wants to see more than just light
Visions outrageous to make this a memorable night

He draws something strange on his eyelids
Catherine turns pale as she looks
Somebody phone up the press; this is one for the books

Royal Lorraine, she wants airtime
John the Mundane, just a cure
Nobody here could be happy remaining obscure

Nobody's sure who's a tourist
Nobody came underdressed
Nobody wants to be seen looking all that impressed

Meanwhile, out in the guillotine gallery,
whatever happened to you?
Last time I looked you were keeping your distance
but not telling people we're through
Heads in low places were rolling
Maybe you thought you saw mine
I'd make a mistake underrating your nightmares
or taking them all as a sign
Of some horrible halfwit design

So meet me at four in the morning
at the Cathedral of John the Mundane
Assuming old Johnny's in shape to get out of the rain

We'd better bring plenty of coffee
and pictures of places we like
and jokes we can aim at whoever is hogging the mic

And maybe the walls reek of madness
I doubt we'll give much of a damn
In unholy company you've always known who I am

All songs © 2009 SHANGHAI LOVE MOTEL