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(lyrics) 1. King of Memory (MP3)

(lyrics) 2. Snapshots from the Sinister Cathedral (MP3)

(lyrics) 3. Too Good Too Soon

(lyrics) 4. Almost Gone

(lyrics) 5. I Was the Dog

(lyrics) 6. Burning Bush

(lyrics) 7. Flip in Style

LYRICS 8. Strong Silent Type (MP3)

(lyrics) 9. The Universal Skeptical Anthem (MP3/video)

(lyrics) 10. Ruined Man

(lyrics) 11. How's Dr. Ving

Strong Silent Type (Brown)

I woke last night with a hole in my head
Dreamed you were leading me far from my leafbed
An onliness sits on all my days
Oh, no, my dear, don't change your ways

Don't fret your pretty head if the soul may travel
To places the days of your life may unravel
There's a rose in my teeth and all my dreams
Oh, no, my dear, don't change a thing for me

This is how it was meant to be
From the foundation of the world

Such my thunderous heart -- never much with my fists
Your friends and loved ones will abide and persist
Yes, I love your new glass, come take your place
Oh, no, my dear, don't change your face for me
No, don't change a thing for me

All songs © 2009 SHANGHAI LOVE MOTEL