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LYRICS 11. How's Dr. Ving

How's Dr. Ving? (Millard)

My wings got sheared and I disappeared
in a cloud of what passed in those days for smoke
When Bogart was up in the cockpit at last,
and he who laughed first overrated the joke
As time went by
more slowly than my little crowd
could believe at the moment
We stood in awe --
figured if Ving' s less than Greek,
then he's probably Roman

Ai-yi-yi-yi, old compadre, how's my Dr. Ving?
Is he still sharper than anything,
wary of everyone?
Does he remember we once had some fun?

Brain pong was his game,
and Ving was the name we gave him
when his didn't work any more
He threw the tube out the window
the night Nixon's visage triggered visions of war

He'd come back from Nam
with a head like a bomb
detonating on tapes we could never erase
Now he's surfaced at last,
our blast from the past
Hiroshima glowing in Ving's ancient face

Ai-yi-yi-yi, old compadre,
how's my Dr. Ving?
Is he still seeing through everything,
mindboggling everyone?
Does he remember when this was fun?

You and I were spared.
Some wound up scared, some scarred
by what we only watched on a screen
And if you see the good Doctor again,
say we were matches and gasoline

Ai-yi-yi-yi, old compadre,
so how's Dr. Ving?
Is he still with us through everything,
after the madness is done?
Everything breaks in the longest run

All songs © 2009 SHANGHAI LOVE MOTEL