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King of Memory (Brown)

I am the king of memory, see my princes bow
Covering me with garlands
Passing me memos of vast dominions to plow
I am the king of memory, see my supply lines grow
Don't take a run at my borders, babe
I have lost more than you've purported to know

One moment on a garden path, one in a silent car
Dialogue from a paperback
A straying melody creased my favorite scar

Later then in your upper room, a proclamation so clear
Let my subjects be painted blue
Let my memories howl and tremble in fear

Who would take his tribute neat, if not to say Socratic?
Who'd lay slaves to haul his many books up to the attic?
Who's the king of memory? That's me, that's me, that's me

Once was a mind of splendidness,
once was a tongue called wise
Great were the crimes of tenderness
Millions the miles of time unpinioned rolled by
Clinging to dreams of sawdust halls,
naming the drops of rain
Faced with the names you can't recall
I can't help repeating them over and over again

Who'd vouchsafe estrangement
for a reign so tough and tender?
Who would weep when there were none
but worlds left to surrender?
Who's the king of memory?
That's me, that's me, that's me

All songs © 2009 SHANGHAI LOVE MOTEL