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I Was the Dog (Millard)

With all due respect, I don't believe respect is due
They know now what the world spins 'round.
Somebody figured out that it ain't you.
The only truth that you know is that you'll never know the truth
Another stoner paradox for terminally gullible youth

I thought you'd figured out by now they save the Nobel Prize
For people with some gravity and lightning in their eyes
And out there in the nuance-free zone where you seem to live
They don't save much of anything,
and time's not all that slips right through a sieve

If memory serves, and doesn't double-fault,
Someone had to break some rules;
someone had to call things to a halt
How many Stradivaricasters rust on closet floors?
How many Kerouwankers watch the mirror
and pretend they're in the Doors?

Well, you'd better lose that Frida Kahlo Permanent ScowlTM
Before you grow yourself a mustache and a single eyebrow
There must have been a sense of humor in there someplace
Better find it quick before anger makes a ruin
of a once-marvelous face

I was the dog that didn't bark
I was the bell that never rang
I was the car that wouldn't start
I was the gong they couldn't bang
I was the song you never sang

I was the dog that didn't bark
I was the highway out of town
I was the footsteps in the dark
I was the moon that spun around
I was the road that led straight down

I was the dog that didn't bark
I was the monster in your head
I was the wire, I was the spark
I was the bull that can't see red
I was the live one left for dead

I was the dog that didn't bark
I was the cop who ran the light
I don't believe we're all that sharp
I don't believe in second sight
I sometimes think of you at night

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