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(lyrics) 1.King of Memory (MP3)

(lyrics) 2. Snapshots from the Sinister Cathedral (MP3)

(lyrics) 3. Too Good Too Soon

(lyrics) 4. Almost Gone

(lyrics) 5. I Was the Dog

(lyrics) 6. Burning Bush

(lyrics) 7. Flip in Style

(lyrics) 8. Strong Silent Type (MP3)

LYRICS 9. The Universal Skeptical Anthem

(lyrics) 10. Ruined Man

(lyrics) 11. How's Dr. Ving

The Universal Skeptical Anthem (Millard)

Spare me the bedwetter billionaires,
crying in their cocktails on the 19th hole
how the big bad Gummint
gonna steal what's theirs
forgetting how they stole it
from the Earth and the proles
Spare me the gray trash,
the greedbags in gladrags.
Spare me micromanagement
-- allegro non troppo!
Spare me Allah, Jesus,
and their shocktroops in jackboots.
Spare me the righteous
and the PC Gestapo

Spare me. Spare me.
Time's so short and the world's so small.
Spare us all.

Spare me anyone who can't tell sin from fun,
terrified that somebody somewhere's not in pain
Spare me the crypto-fashionable ones.
Hang me with your velvet rope,
but don't you wrap it around my brain

Spare me. Spare me.
I've got just enough time to take this call.
Spare us all.
Spare me. Spare me.
One more haul, I'm going over the wall.
Spare us all.

You never hear the one that hits you
You never hear the one that hits you
So spare me all the "silence is golden" jive
When you hear some loud noises
then you know you're alive
When you make some loud noises
then you know that you're alive!

Spare me the line about machines for going back in time
and all the crying over moral turpentine
I get a whiff about a couple of state lines away;
that's enough for maybe 90 billion days
Spare me the flag-wagging huckleberry knuckleheads
that can't tell who's the monster and who's Frankenstein
I get it now: they want to torch the whole village
while the blue white and red dissolve to purple haze
Spare me the crazes and diseases
and the polished phrases
where they pretty up that powerful pungent smell
Spare me the triumph of the woolies and the wackies,
commanding scads of lackeys:
the Lord and Lady of the Flies
Spare me the ringers of the wholly unholy bell;
it's got a crack in it, as if we couldn't tell
Spare me the sound of my own voice when I yell,
and knock me sideways any time I think I'm bound to rise

Spare me. Spare me.
I ain't about to crash the Bullslingers' Ball.
Spare us all.

Spare me. Spare me.
For once I want the guilty ones to take the fall.
Spare us all.

Mba-kayere. Mba-kayere.
We are passed over.

All songs © 2009 SHANGHAI LOVE MOTEL. Video by Dan Weltsch.