Pas Mal (Brown)

I've got this mouth full of old, rotten teeth
a happy heart that gives me nothing but grief
a great reward of which I haven't a clue
but I ain't got you

I've got this house falling down at my feet
a tramp with my face hanging out on my street
my other-hued horse has been turned into glue
but I ain't got you

The earth sighs at a stark, sudden silence
the stilled whirr of unnatural appliance
after the love taps of the pneumatic drill
a simple broken heart is such a thrill

Somewhere they're maimed by old landmine semantics
some wake in sweats at one's cute little panics
somewhere a nesting doll has come unglued
but I ain't got you

Quick to clutch at it and call it mended
slow to insist on your words as intended
so much depends on ingrown co-dependents
but now I ain't got you

Whose rusty tears will keep your swinging door caulked
Who rushing after for his tithing of fault
What rough tongue licking on your pillar of salt
now I ain't got you

It will be said that a man is nothing alone
when he's not plagued by a mad, shrieking telephone
when there's one moment there's not somewhere to be
so now I'm next to nothing and I'm free, free, free

My nights of dread are now fairly spasmodic
I'm drinking breakfast with a rapture and tonic
it may be my noose now that is coming askew
now I ain't got you

All songs © 2009 SHANGHAI LOVE MOTEL