Hollywood Please (Millard)

I don't feel like a foreign movie tonight
though if you give me a second I can probably think of one I look like
I'll try to wait until the weird mood passes
and the 3-D glasses start to fit me again
One part of me usually sees red
and it's always blue Monday on the other side of my head
Just got to wait until the weird mood passes
but it's slow as molasses and I already counted to ten

And I can't stand hearing that rattling riddling racket
Tax my brain a little more and it'll ratchet down a bracket
They call it interactive but tonight I can't hack it

I've gotta see a spectacle, deafening and dumb
Commercial and manipulative, overblown and then some
Time I left a couple of theories in the hopper
with the greedy graverobbers and the slippery sleazy slobber from my pen

And I can't stand thinking that the simple things are past me (Hollywood, please)
MacDworkin wouldn't like it, but there's nothing wrong with nasty
If you're wondering 'bout my motives, well why'n't you just ask me?

Your Zen master told you that "the mind is a monkey"
and the flunkies to the junkies look like purest monkey chow
Ought to be a good night to pull the plug on all the chatter
wait until it really matters and it does not matter now

Keep it simple, dizzy birds and killer bees
We've got his and hers boredoms, matching ennuis
Gotta hit a couple of keys and cure that French disease
Can't please Jesus once he sees it's all a tease
Spare the rod as well as the trees
Knock me down to my knees
Hollywood, please

All songs © 2009 SHANGHAI LOVE MOTEL